Reviews - Sporty cyclists have fun on the bike


  • The Excel – Reviewed by RIDE Magazine

    The Excel represents a master class in balance. Stiffness together with comfort; competitively light yet unquestionably durable; classic and modern; outrageous finish in an understated aesthetic; fun to look at and even more fun to ride. Yes, we like it.
  • Enigma Echo review – Bicycling Australia

    Enigma aims the Echo at the higher performance end of the spectrum of serious social riders and hit the mark with a light, comfortable and competitive bike. This bike is a strong contender for individualistic riders who want an alternative to ‘cookie cutter carbon’ without sacrificing much in speed or weight.
  • Enigma Excel – Reviewed by Road Cycling UK

    In an age where carbon fibre super bikes dominate the top end of the market, the Enigma Excel carves out its own spot as a titanium machine which delivers a superb balance of performance and ride quality. Enigma have a developed a reputation as one of the UK’s foremost titanium frame builders and the Excel is their flagship frame, having been added to the range in 2010.
  • Enigma Esprit – Reviewed by Cycling Plus

    Enigma’s Esprit distils the spirit of titanium into one of the most efficacious race machines available. With its light weight and classic proportions, it makes you feel part of a new titanium renaissance. Ride & handling: Like a champion pugilist, the Esprit is light and quick on its toes but remains rock solid in the face of any threat
  • Enigma Excel – Reviewed by Cycling Weekly

    Best known for its ‘Made in Britain’ custom frame building, this is Enigma’s slightly more accessible off-the-peg option. You do lose the cream teas and bunting romance that goes with the made-on-home-soil claim, but on a practical note you know that being constructed in Taiwan the frame is going to be world class; besides, if you really are that patriotic then Engima will build you one at its UK base – if you’re happy to pay a premium for it.